Behind the Rods

Food and Friends goes a long way, whether it is hanging out with school friends after school at Tapri’s/Ketlis or A meeting with old College Friend in a Café after a long time. Food & Friends always goes a long way. The Discussion we have over food is from everything to anything, from personal to professional, From Past to Future. It is the Food and Friends that connects so well that we forget everything when we are with these two beautiful things.

Ristretto Cafe Idea was born in 2013 when two school friends where hanging out with the food they love and where thinking of what if Ahmedabad has a café & Bistro which is unique and can make the time which we spend with our friends unforgettable. Time went by but the wish of this two friends to start a café for Food & Friends did not ended, fast forward to 5 years later in 2017 they decided to implement their idea for a unique Café & Bistro in Ahmedabad with the only purpose of providing a mouth watering, Fabulous, Awesome and heart stealing dishes with an ambience which not only is unique and for the First time in Ahmedabad but also has the values which we have forgotten in our today’s fast pace life.

Ristretto is all about Friends & Food. Like “AaRa” the two foodie’s friend who have tasted each and every dish in Ahmedabad and thought what If they can make it better and give the friends an unforgettable experience with their aura, ambience and food.

“AaRa” has set their mind to change the Dry State Definitions of Gujarat and they are coming with a unique variety of dishes which are handcrafted and are made from 30 Years of Expertise, Experience and Enjoyment in Food Industry.

Now the Reason “AaRa” chose the Tag line “Behind The Rods” is because they believe in Originality, What matters the most is what you have inside you. What makes you, you. The Rods represent your strength, your rawness and your rough yet real values which you want to be known and stand for in your life. Behind the Rods represents the value that which we all have forgotten in our today’s world, how much we have, how much we are blessed and to focus on what we have and not to be sad for what we don’t have. The Freedom which we are enjoying, the food, the air, the comfort each and everything we are having was achieved at a cost and when one understands that, then one changes and realizes the smiles, gratefulness and blessings which we did not noticed earlier.

Come and indulge in an Experience where you will rediscover food, friends and yourself.